AusGOAL Suite of Licences

AusGOAL endorses eight licensing options:

  • The six Creative Commons 4.0 International Licences (Endorsed for use from February 2014)
  • The six Australian Creative Commons (CC) Version 3.0 licences (Not to be used for new material.  Reference only included within AusGOAL for legacy material)
  • The Restrictive Licence Template (RLT)
  • The BSD 3-Clause Software Licence

If copyright doesn't subsist in the material you are publishing, you may wish to consider a no known rights statement.

Creative Commons Version 4.0 Licences

The six Creative Commons licences recommended in AusGOAL are the preferred licences for opening access to publicly funded information.  Among those, the Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC BY) is the most popular and provides the greatest opportunities for re-use of information. Use of the Creative Commons licences promotes a common standard of licensing.  If you haven't heard of Creative Commons before, here is a brief video explaining what its all about:


The Restrictive Licence Template

The Restrictive Licence Template  has been developed specifically to licence material that contains personal or other confidential information that has a high security risk associated with its release. It may also be used for material that is to be licensed under some form of limiting or restrictive condition (such as a time limit on use, or payment arrangements other than an initial once-only fee).


The BSD 3-Clause Software Licence

The BSD 3-Clause Software Licence can be applied to software that has been wholely created by your organisation, where the code does not include code licensed under the GNU GPL Licence.  Software/code licensed under the BSD 3-Clause Licence can be incorporated into software that is licensed under the GNU GPL Licence.  However, the reverse (incorporating GNU GPL Licensed software/code into software licensed under the BSD 3 Clause Licence) is not permitted.  The BSD 3-Clause Licence is also compatible with the Apache Software Licence.