Licence Manager Software

In 2007, the Australian Bureau of Statistics commenced development of a licence injector software application. The Licence Manager Project is now incorporated into AusGOAL and available to the community.  The Australian Bureau of Statistics have licensed the software under the GNU GPL licence.  

Examples of outputs from the Licence Manager software can be found at the OakLaw Project.

Licence Manager Concept

The concept of the Licence Manager Project is to provide a set of consistent interfaces that developers can use to implement licence injectors.  If your organisation publishes a lot of material using software to manage or automate the publication process, the Licence Manager can support the licence injection component of that process.  It also provides a mechanism for current providers of license injector software to “wrap” their software in a consistent format.

License Manager Objectives

The License Manager (LM) was created to address the following objectives:

  1. Provide a generic API for retrieval, generation, insertion, viewing, validation and removal of Creative Commons Style Licences (CCSLs).
  2. Provide a means to create CCSLs from specific CC versions.
  3. Provide a means for commonly used programming languages to use the LM within organisation workflow systems.  
  4. Provide a graphical user interface (GUI) so the LM can be used as an independent component.
  5. Provide a Component Object Model (COM) wrapper for the LM that will allow access to the LM from any language that is capable of accessing a COM interface.
  6. Provide examples of GUI using various languages (Java, .Net, Python and others) as reference implementations.
  7. Provide an interface that can be used by workflows to enable SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) enablement of organisational workflow


The Licence Manager Project can be found on  The project summary page includes links to all of the files and project implementation document.

Creative Commons also publishes a number of software projects through their Developer Community.