Information Law

How does AusGOAL interact with Information Law?

Each of the Australian jurisdictions has enacted privacy legislation, freedom of information / right to information, or archives or public records preservation legislation.   AusGOAL supports the application of these laws. 

Right to Information / Freedom of Information Reforms

Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and the Australian Government have enacted freedom of information law reform providing a new ‘right to information’ (RTI). Other jurisdictions, such as the Australian Capital Territory, are also progressing these amendments.   The policy emphasis of RTI is to 'push' government information out into the community, so that it can be re-used for the benefit of all.

AusGOAL is an enabler of RTI.   While RTI encourages government to release more information for re-use by the community, it remains silent as to copyright.  This means that under RTI alone, the community remains unable to re-use this information unless the default ‘all rights reserved’ restrictions are removed when the information is published.  AusGOAL provides a framework for government and other organisations affected by RTI to give full effect to its underlying policy. It supports open licensing decisions that enable the community to re-use the information as intended by the legislative reforms.  

Privacy Laws

AusGOAL and the Licence Chooser tool manages organisational risk by alerting users to the possibility of confidential or private information contained within material they publish.  AusGOAL also provides a Restrictive Licence Template for the appropriate transfer of private or confidential information. 

Archives and Public Records Legislation

AusGOAL enables more efficient access and re-use of archival material.  It supports archival decision making processes to determine the appropriate release constraints and licensing of archival material.