is the website for marine geologist Dr Rob Beaman at James Cook University. Dr Beaman has led Project 3DGBR, which is a collaboration between JCU and Federal and State government agencies to develop a new high-resolution bathymetry (depth) model for the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea.

After the digital elevation model, called gbr100, was published online for public downloading, Dr Beaman sought assistance from AusGOAL to help select an appropriate licence. Following a review of's content, the CC BY 3.0 licence was chosen, which allows end-users to share, remix and to make commercial use of the work, with attribution to the author. The website was modified with a link to a Copyright Notice page stating clearly that the content is licensed under the CC BY 3.0 licence together, with an attribution statement.

Since then, a number of large multi-national mapping companies have requested the gbr100 grid for use as terrain data in their online mapping services, and the CC BY3.0 licence has provided the method for them to use the data with proper attribution to

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The content on is another great example of publicly funded information being made openly available for re-use by the community.  The AusGOAL framework ensured that's risks were appropriately managed and copyright protected.


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