AusGOAL Principles

The AusGOAL Principles should be considered throughout the information (and data) lifecycle as part of an organisations information asset management process. The Principles are intended to complement jurisdictional, departmental or sectoral open information policies.

1. Procurement:

  1. Contracts to create or acquire information should be drafted on terms that permit its broadest possible re-use both internally and externally.
  2. Crown agencies should observe their jurisdictional policies with regard to obtaining either an assignment of copyright or licence from a vendor.
  3. Crown agencies should consider the application of sections 176 (made under the direction and control of the Crown), 177 (first published by the Crown) or section 183 (use of third party copyright material by the Crown) of the Copyright Act where the information has not been authored internally.

2. Custodianship:

Information should be administered within an information management framework or policy, featuring AusGOAL as its copyright licensing component.  In addition, the framework or policy should refer to factors that are allied to AusGOAL implementation, including:

  • Having regard for relevant information law (eg. right to information, privacy or archives legislation)
  • Ensuring that copyright provenance is attached to information and maintained until its disposal
  • Providing for a method of automatic notification of release of updated versions of information (eg. RSS)

3. Publication:

AusGOAL should be applied to the publication process, including publication made under an information law.

4. Moral Rights:

Moral Rights should be addressed either by appropriate attribution or by waiver.

5. Requirement to choose the least restrictive licence:

AusGOAL requires the selection of the least restrictive of the licences appropriate to the material being published.  The AusGOAL Licence Chooser supports this decision making process. It is also consistent with jurisdictional policies that require the CC Attribution licence as the ‘default’ licence.

6. Selection of open formats:

Publicly funded information (and data) should be made available in open formats. Moreover, it should be made available in formats that can be read by freely available software. Publication in more than one (open) format is recommended. Organisations should adhere to the AusGOAL Qualities of Open Data.